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During the recent General Meeting of the BBGG at the 2021 Bowen Basin Symposium, four new members of the BBGG Executive were elected.

Congratulations to all of the incoming and outgoing committee members:

BBGG Chair – Ashley James, replacing David Green
BBGG Secretary – Peter Handley, replacing Danique Gerber
BBGG Treasurer – Natasha Thompson, replacing Angus McIntyre
BBGG-ACARP Liaison – David Drakeley, replacing Ken O’Reilly

Note: Members can access the meeting minutes from the AGM sub-menu of the Members menu when you are logged into the BBGG website.

Ken Preston & Dick Sanders awarded the 2021 Leichhardt Award

Ken Preston and Dick Sanders were awarded the 2021 Leichhardt Award during the 2021 Bowen Basin Symposium Dinner, hosted at The Big Shed in Mackay, Queensland.  The award dinner followed the second day’s proceedings of the  2021 Bowen Basin Symposium, held at the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre on 28-30 March 2022.  

Ken Preston and Dick Sanders developed an equation to estimate the density of coal more accurately, which has become part of the industry’s lexicon known as the Preston-Sanders equation.

Ken & Dick’s Leichhardt award citations can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Interview with Ken Preston and Dick Sanders after receiving the 2021 Leichhardt Award at the 2021 Bowen Basin Symposium

Keeping up to date with the BBGG

There have been a number of reports that BBGG emails are not getting through to some BBGG members.  Reasons include:

– Out of date contact details
– Company IT policy changes
– Firewalls & SPAM filters

There are some things you can do to help ensure BBGG contact is maintained, and to receive messages about BBGG events and the upcoming Bowen Basin Symposium:

1. Update your contact details on the BBGG website, especially when your employment status changes.

2. Discuss BBGG events in your team meetings and encourage your peers to either confirm their details on the BBGG website, sign-up to the BBGG if they are not already members, or check their junk mail filters to ensure BBGG emails/emails from admin@bbgg.com.au are not being blocked.

3. Check your junk mail regularly and stop BBGG emails being blocked by your email client.

4. Confirm that your company’s firewall/SPAM filters are allowing “MailChimp” emails into your inbox. MailChimp is used to distribute bulk emails easily, however, it spoofs the admin@bbgg.com.au email address. SPAM filter look for spoofing and if it’s recognised, it will prevent the email from even getting to your junk mail. They may even prevent general emails coming from admin@bbgg.com.au. You will need to discuss this with your IT department if you believe this is occurring.

5. Check in on the BBGG website for updates every once in a while.

6. Make contact with the BBGG Secretary if you’re not receiving updates.